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For more than a decade, the tax relief attorneys at Dutton Legal Group have represented self-employed individuals and businesses with financial hardships and tax problems. These tax problems can include balances owed to either or both the IRS or a state, tax garnishments and levies, and audits/examinations.

In addition, our law firm provides small businesses and sole proprietors with the legal and administrative services they need to be able to truly grow and protect their businesses.

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Mark Dutton, Esq., Owner

My entire professional life has focused on assisting people in improving their difficult financial situations. I first did this through working as an associate at one of the nation’s largest consumer bankruptcy law firms. I then founded Dutton & Associates, L.L.C., and continued my focus on consumer bankruptcy.

My focus changed to tax law upon partnering to form Kime Stork & Dutton, LLC. Tax law remains my focus today, following the 2011 establishment of my firm, Dutton Legal Group LLC.

I take great satisfaction in helping people navigate and overcome daunting financial circumstances. We aim to assist all people with tax problems who seek efficient, cost-effective representation and solutions.


Indiana attorneys are prohibited from having “specialties.” The following list provides Dutton Legal Group’s areas of practice, not to be construed as specialties.

Our firm focuses on assisting both individuals and businesses with tax problems. These tax problems can include balances owed to both/either the IRS or a state, tax garnishments/levies, and audits/examinations.



  • Owner/Attorney
    Dutton Legal Group LLC
    January 2011 – Present
    Tax problem resolution law firm
  • Partner/Attorney
    Kime Stork & Dutton, LLC
    Jan 2007 – Dec 2010
    Tax problem resolution law firm
  • Owner/Attorney
    Dutton & Assoc., L.L.C.
    Oct 2003 – Dec 2006
    Consumer bankruptcy law firm


    • Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis
      1998 – 2001


    Professional Associations and Memberships:

    • American Bar Association Member
    • Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

    Let Us Help:

    In our law practice, we serve to give you back your future.

    With a tax problem hanging over your head, you can’t sleep, you can’t act, and you can’t plan. “Why should I work more when the IRS is just going to take everything?” This type of question, though typical, is depressing and robs you of your future.

    Clients talk about constantly switching jobs, not having bank accounts, not accumulating savings, not having retirement accounts, not taking jobs with health insurance—all for fear of the IRS taking wages or assets. You should not and cannot live this way. You and your family are suffering because of it.

    By resolving your tax debt, you are freed from this prison of inaction and limited possibilities, and the future you and your family deserve.

    We are Indiana tax relief attorneys; yet unlike non-attorney tax resolution mills, we are not nameless, faceless or clueless. Dutton Legal Group is founded on our deep commitment to excellence, personalized client service, and accountability to those we serve.

    As our client, you will come to recognize our voices over the phone and identify each member of our team if you drop into our office. We’ll know you. Everyone at our office knows exactly what is happening on each of our clients’ cases.

    After all is said and done, tax problems are money problems. Plain and simple. If you had the money, you would have handled the problem when it arose. We have been helping people and their businesses overcome financial problems for over 10 years. Hire us and you get the fruits of our labor, improving not just your tax situation, but your overall financial situation. And that’s a big part of your future.

    We take great pride in resolving cases. It’s personal for us. We want to help you.


    ‘Closers’ have run their numbers, and they know that certain IRS problems can net them big fees. Sure, they’ll quote you a smaller fee during the so-called “financial analysis” in the beginning stages of the process – but they also know that there are lots of different ways that they can tack on additional fees during the process so that no matter what, they will get paid.

    My team and I would like to invite you into a different kind of process.

    Mind you – we are BULLDOGS when it comes to negotiating on behalf of our clients in front of the IRS. We have plenty of stories to prove it.

    We want to fight for you – and you will never have to speak with the IRS yourself.

    Click on the button below to take your first step. Feel free to poke around our site and discover why I’ve been called “The Most Trusted Tax Professional in Indianapolis Metro.”

    PS — If you are discussing your tax situation over the telephone with other firms, be sure to ask them one important question:

    “Are you a licensed tax professional that is legally eligible to offer me tax advice, or are you a salesman?”

    This is by far the single most important question you should ask anybody trying to offer you tax advice. If they are a salesperson, I highly encourage you to run quickly in the opposite direction.

    PPS – Already ready to come in?

    I don’t blame you…many folks are fed up with the other options out there. Our schedule is very full…but if you call us at 800-334-0255 or Email Us, we’ll give you two options for coming in right away! We will NOT make dealing with a tax professional as painful as it’s been in the past!

    Talk again soon,

    Mark C. Dutton, Esq., Owner

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    Customer Stories

    We are very grateful the Dutton Legal Group took on our tax dilemma. We went from hopeless to hopeful within our first ten minutes!

    Thank you Mark and your associates for working so hard to resolve my issues with a positive result. Again, thank you very much!

    Very professional, listening, compassionate, experienced, and you responded well.

    I always feel comfortable, whether on the phone or in the office. Seems like you’re dealing with a friend that will steer you right.

    We are pleased with the service we received. Helpful office personnel and job well done. We will recommend to anyone we come across.

    Irrespective of the nature of our business together, I have to say I enjoyed doing business with you.

    You guys are exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, and I will recommend you to everyone I meet or know with tax trouble. You guys are heaven sent.