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At Dutton Legal Group, we resolve both federal (IRS) and state (Indiana Department of Revenue) tax problems. We focus on helping self-employed people and small business owners, like you, resolve their individual and business tax liabilities.

We stop IRS and state taxing administration collection actions and create affordable solutions to tax debt. Whether it be no repayment, full repayment, or anything in-between, our solutions to tax debt are tailored to your financial situation.

IRS & State Tax Legal Services Based in Indianapolis, IN

Please call (800) 334-0255 or submit the secure form on any page of this website to discuss your tax problem with us. Dutton Legal Group can assist you with any of the services below.

Tax Balance Resolution

Our tax law attorneys will prepare and implement a personalized plan to resolve your tax problem quickly, efficiently and affordably.


Before our tax attorneys can resolve a problem, we must “discover” the facts of the case and know exactly how deep the tax problem goes. Learn more about this critical first step.

Tax Court Representation

If you need to appeal a decision or otherwise litigate a tax controversy, Dutton Legal Group will skillfully represent your case in tax court.

Federal / State Tax Liens

We serve as your liaison to the IRS or Indiana DOR and local taxation authorities to execute the most favorable outcome possible.

Tax Lien Subordination/Release

Turn to an Indiana tax lawyer who knows how to negotiate with the IRS, the Indiana DOR or county taxation authorities for tax lien subordination and tax lien release or withdrawal assistance.

Tax Return Preparation

Our tax legal services include preparing tax returns for our clients, getting them compliant under the law, reducing risk of audit, and maximizing benefits along the way.


Without the right tax attorney defending you in tax audits, the IRS or DOR has the upper hand. Do not hurt your case by dealing with federal or state tax authorities alone or with unqualified or uninterested representation.

Small Business Catalyst Program

Dutton Legal Group excels in the financial side of running a business. Tax planning is a key foundation for businesses and self-employed individuals. Let us help you set up your business tax planning for a smart and profitable future.

We can actually resolve your tax problem.

When you learn how we work with our clients, you will understand what makes Dutton Legal Group different.

Our tax relief attorneys have helped to resolve hundreds of tax debt cases. We have vast experience handling complex tax issues, negotiating with the IRS and state tax authorities, and pursuing litigation when it is the wise thing to do.

We know what numbers work best on IRS financial statements, and whether to press an issue with a state taxing administration or not. We identify why you owed taxes and effectively help you save thousands of dollars on next year’s tax return. We know the feeling of elation you will get when you’ve put your destructive tax problem behind you once and for all.

We have done all of these things before and we do all of these things every day. We live these laws and principals. There is a workable solution to your tax problem and, chances are, we have found it and used it for another happy client of ours.

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Customer Stories

We are very grateful the Dutton Legal Group took on our tax dilemma. We went from hopeless to hopeful within our first ten minutes!

Thank you Mark and your associates for working so hard to resolve my issues with a positive result. Again, thank you very much!

Very professional, listening, compassionate, experienced, and you responded well.

I always feel comfortable, whether on the phone or in the office. Seems like you’re dealing with a friend that will steer you right.

We are pleased with the service we received. Helpful office personnel and job well done. We will recommend to anyone we come across.

Irrespective of the nature of our business together, I have to say I enjoyed doing business with you.

You guys are exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, and I will recommend you to everyone I meet or know with tax trouble. You guys are heaven sent.