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Valuable information can be found in this powerful ebook, 8 Reasons Why You Think You Can Fix Your Tax Problem Yourself (And Why You’re Wrong), Written by Indiana tax attorney Mark Dutton.

This ebook addresses 8 rationalizations people commonly use for not seeking help when they have tax problems. Admitting that your tax issues are a serious problem can be a huge hurdle, but once you overcome this and start working with a tax professional, the peace of mind you gain make the initial doubts seem silly. Download this ebook to see 8 reasons that hold people back and why they should let go of these reservations.


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We publish our tax blog to deliver breaking news, and to inform you on various taxation issues that might impact your business. Articles are geared to help you make informed decisions and take the right actions to protect your business and assets. Whether you need tax guidance for setting up a new sole proprietorship or your small business is set to hit a million-dollar benchmark, we hope you find value by visiting our blog.

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