Video Transcript

Dutton Legal Group was founded in 2011 as a tax problem resolution law firm looking to help small businesses and self-employed people with tax problems.

I decided to become an attorney generally because I wanted to help people. And that’s been the focus of my entire legal career. I did consumer bankruptcy first when I was out of law school, helping people with financial issues. And when I transitioned the practice over into tax problem resolution, the link between the two is the helping people part of it.

The impetus in starting my firm was that I thought I could do it better. And the doing it better was that the work could be done better and the people could be treated better than other places I had worked.

Dutton Legal Group – Indiana’s Tax Resolution Law Firm

The Dutton Legal Group helps the people and businesses of Indiana navigate ever-changing State and Federal tax codes. Our goal as experienced tax attorneys is to assist you in finding an immediate, cost-effective answer to your tax challenges. We provide a variety of tax services from balance resolution and return preparation to wage garnishment relief and audit assistance. Make Dutton Legal Group your next call at 1-800-334-0255 or send an email to request a free consultation. Trustworthy and affordable, for over 15 years.