Video Transcript

The Indiana Department of Revenue has three stages of collection when you owe them money.

First, the Department itself tries to collect on the debt. You have a period of 60-80 days while that tax debt remains with the Indiana Department of Revenue.

Following that period of time, if they don’t collect the money, the debt “stages” or moves forward to the warrant stage. The warrant is not a warrant for your arrest. We get clients that are very concerned that the sheriff is going to come and arrest them for their tax warrant.

A tax warrant is a tax bill. When that original bill moves forward to this warrant stage, that becomes an immediate lien on any real estate owned in the county where the tax debt came to be. That becomes a judgment lien or a tax lien on your home, which will have to be dealt with if you’re looking to buy, sell, or refinance real estate.

The third stage of collection is, (if the sheriff doesn’t collect on it – they’re in charge of the second stage) it “stages” on to a private collection company. The Indiana Department of Revenue is currently using Premiere Credit of North America as their sole collection company.

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